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Thread: Blackcats problems

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    Hi guys, maybe you can help me out or point me in the right direction. I signed up for blackcats about 3 weeks ago. Took me a good 4 months of trying to get in. I was unable to download anything for some reason. I thought it was maybe because I was running 1.8 beta for utorrent. Then the site goes down. When it comes back it says The Username you entered does not exist in our Database. What gives?!?

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    Like _____ has already stated, we know full well what issues that we need to address so please be patient and we will have the site running smoothly just as soon as we can.

    If your account doesn't return in a few days try their IRC channel.

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    ok, will do

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    Well they recently moved servers, maybe your account got left off so it dosen't exist now or something, but you can always visit #help on their IRC channel

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    That happened to me when I joined, contacted them through the irc channel and they fixed it.

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    i have the same problem here, registered a few weeks ago and now the sites give me "The Username you entered does not exist in our Database".

    now my 2nd problem is that i don't have irc and i can't have irc on my pc either.

    that being said, i've tried to contact stoi which is a BCG staff member(very helpful, but busy), but no word of him yet???

    i just hope this thing will be resolve by the staff soon(crossing fingers).

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    If you join up and dont upload/download anything in your first 7 days, your account gets pruned, this is the only time upload/download effects your account.

    So if you joined and did not participate, then bye bye account im afraid, we are open again by the looks of it, ive just woke up and noticed. so if your account is gone then resign up.

    and yes, all Alpha/Beta Clients are banned from BCG until they are Proper.
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    i signed up today , but never get confirm mail! ps. i am using the aol!

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    Well this is why we are open, to see if there are still problems with the confirmation emails (as we have always had problems with this).

    At first glance it does look like there are still problems, but as the coder that opened up is at work, i cant ask him anything about it, im sure when he gets back on the site, and sees things are not working as they should he will make some changes.

    but it can take up to 12 hours for your confirmation to come through, it is uslally instantly, but other times it can take a long time.

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    ok, stoi, thx for reply, i will waiting for my confirm email!

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