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Thread: banned from Hdbits???

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    I've a big problem with, from this morning I can't login and if I try to recover my pass (even if I'm sure that it's correct) through the registered email but the site says that my email is not registered in the database
    Can anyone registered on hdbits confirm?

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    Well, I checked Snake91 on the site and there seems to be nothing wrong...
    It doesn't say your disabled or anything, your ratio is fine, you've used the account so maybe it's an error on your side?
    And you can always let a friend try logging into it, it could be your ISP, had that once, and you can try logging in through a proxy once, or clear your cookies and try but best thing is get on P2P-Network IRC and query a staff...

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    yep acct looks fine to me.... says you were on 10 hrs ago

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    clear your cookies or something...

    Arguing online is like the special olympics, even if you win you're still a retard.

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    now tracker status has changed to unknown passkey

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    This account has been disabled

    Thatīs what I found looking for the username Snake91

    Sorry, mate.

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