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Thread: Riaa Definition Of Commercial Use

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    I have erased ALL my WMV and Windows Media files for just that reason .....
    I haven't had 1 pop-up from my mpeg and mp3's

    The RIAA will discover that people did buy CDs and used the online file-sharing to sample a wide variety of music, however, because they have gotten greedy, I will not BUY any more CDs, even if I have to STOP listening to music... There are people out there that BUY ALL THE CDs, then use mega-machines to pirate millions of copies for commercial purposes...the RIAA should target them, not casual music lovers that share files among other casual users....WE ARE THE ONES WHO MADE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WHAT THEY ARE, AND WE CAN JUST AS EASILY ORGANIZE AND CUT OUT THE MIDDLE-MEN(spelled "music executives"), and CONTRACT DIRECTLY WITH THE MUSICIANS that have been plaqued by predatory music execs for too long!
    I have a theory that those huge pirate commercial MEGA-MACHINEs are not targeted BECAUSE MANY OF THEM ARE MUSIC EXECS RIPPING OFF THE ARTISTS! If they reproduce the discs under the radar, they don't have to pay royalties to their artists.
    JUST GO DOWNTOWN OF ANY LARGE CITY AND YOU CAN FIND KNOCK-OFFS BEING SOLD FOR PROFIT....These are not your un- or underemployed students using Kazaa lite to share music with each other.

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    yes indeed. the riaa is an evil organization craving for more money to wipe their asses with. i stopped buying CD's since they announced they were gona sue us. I downloaded more MP3's than ever before, Iv shared more than ever before. If they choose to be that way, we have nothing to do but to stop buying their high/over priced CD's

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    a well
    You stupid, unpatriotic American! Don't you know that the rich are supposed to fuck over everyone else and we are all supposed to be slaves to the corporations and buy, buy buy. We are supposed to blindly wave our flag on our gas-guzzling SUVs as we make the oil companies a shitload of money.

    Screw America. CANADA

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    it's been the same story since the entire battle started between p2p and the RIAA... them coming after the file sharers instead of people like you mentioned. it'll always be a problem due to the simple fact the RIAA is making no compromises.

    riaa sucks.

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    Originally posted by itizlala@14 August 2003 - 06:03
    I have erased ALL my WMV and Windows Media files for just that reason .....
    I haven't had 1 pop-up from my mpeg and mp3's
    ASF files can also have DRM/web links in them.
    So too can RM (real media) files, although only real media player supports them...

    Now the BAD news:
    A file EXTENSION can be mis-named too, just like a file NAME can be.

    So although it's named something.MPG, it could possibly be something.WMV -- and you'll never be the wiser unless you open it with a raw data viewer/hex editor... or it spams you with a pop-up...


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