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Thread: I Lost My System32.exe

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    I deleted my c:\windows\system32\system32.exe after I found out it's infected with a trojan virus called "backdoor", and now everytime i started up my computer an error messsages popped up and said my system32.exe is missing, can anyone tell me how to remove this file from my startup or download a clean system32.exe from anywhere?

    thx alot

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    do you have a restore disk for your os?
    if so just get it off your disk
    otherwise i am stumped

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    I don't think there is a system32.exe except for the one the worm created, so you don't need to replace it. There must still be some entries of it in the registry or .ini files.

    I suggest you install a program called highjack this. It will create a log file of key areas of the registry and hard drive. Copy and paste the log file here for more help.

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    Probably all you need to do is find the startup entry and delete it. You can use the system configuration utility - type "msconfig" in the Run box and press OK.
    It may be under the Startup tab where you can untick or remove it. Dont change anything you dont know in the other tabs.
    An easier alternative, which I use, is Startman

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    System32.exe is not a REAL file.. (do a search anyone.. it's not there)
    I think it's just a temp file..
    You deleted the right file, it was created by that virus.

    So the REAL temp file will be newly created every time.

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    You guys are great!! thank you so much!!


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