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    I just found out about AOM yesterday. I was all excited and then I came here to check it out and discovered its a level 6 tracker. My heart dropped. The highest trackers I have are BCG and Revtt and I got both of those on open sign ups. The tracker level game really screws it up for the average user.
    So if any one has an AOM invite here is my piece; I'm an avid Magician,I perform a street show on hollywood blvd. every other weekend. I've spent thousands of dollars on props and videos. I love the look on the someones face when you truly fool them with a well performed trick. I have over 150 GBs of material I can share on AOM it probally cost me over 1 thousand dollars for all this stuff.
    I've been into Bittorrent for over 2 years now and always keep a propper ratio.
    screens are below

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    you should try aom killer, its an alternate site to aom that has open signups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben99 View Post
    you should try aom killer, its an alternate site to aom that has open signups.
    Thank you !!!!

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    lets see've been a bittorrent user for two years and never heard of aom..
    or aomkiller..
    but you know of this site, fst..........hmmmmmmmm..
    You've been a member here for 6 months and never searched for "magic" or sought out magic anything till 10pm last night?
    I could have talked to jackie for you....but .


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