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Thread: .ts What Is This File?

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    Ok guys

    I hate having to ask questions like this because it makes me feel so dumb but I just can't find an answer and I'm sure it'snot that tricky.

    I've downloaded a fiole with a .ts extension which previewed fine in Kazaa.

    when the download had finished Itried to viewit and everything I've got says can't do it.

    What I really want to do is convert this file to a vob? so as I can watch it on the DVD player in the lounge. I use Roxio 6 to convert to DVD but it says doesn't recognise etc etc etc.

    Anyone know what this extension is and how I convert or at least watch it on my PC

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    I think that you have to burn it using DVDDecryptor

    I dont think you have to convert it

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    Right now getting the thing to play would be a result. DVDDecryptor was no good.

    The best I've had is from videoLAN something which played about 15 secs then the system crashed out.


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