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Thread: Acer Sees Linux as Key to Low-cost Laptops

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    Acer, the world's third-largest PC maker, believes that Linux software is a key to the low-cost laptop computer movement and hopes to create a community around the devices, a top executive said. Several of the new low-cost laptops announced recently come either with Microsoft Windows XP or with a Linux OS, and other Linux programs. Acer, for example, developed One Page, a homepage for the laptop that pops up before the OS loads so people can start navigating through their computer more quickly.

    The call to develop a Linux community around low-cost laptops appears to be a swipe at Microsoft. The Linux push in low-cost laptops highlights the battles PC makers face with Microsoft to persuade it to keep supporting Windows XP, an OS the software giant would like to retire in favor of Windows Vista. Vista is a problem because it requires more expensive components than XP, which would raise the price of a low-cost laptop.

    Linux is cheaper for several reasons, including easy hardware requirements and there is no license fee paid for the OS. Microsoft doesn't like to lose ground to any software rival, and has worked hard to make XP as available as possible, even tweaking the OS to run on the One Laptop Per Child Foundation's XO laptop. In addition, some companies have complained about Microsoft rules requiring them to use XP only in notebooks that fit certain requirements, such as limiting the biggest screen size to 10 inches and not allowing touch screens.

    Other Taiwanese companies are working with Linux. Asustek Computer (Asus) offers both Linux and Windows XP versions of its popular Eee PC, the device that kicked off the trend to commercialize low-cost laptops. The company expects to sell 2 million Eee PCs with the Linux OS this year. It's also trying out its Express Gate Linux software in some laptop PC models now and will put it in all laptops in the future. Similar to Acer's software, Express Gate bypasses the OS at start up and goes directly to a start-up screen offering direct Net access, game playing, or access to music or other files in just five seconds.

    Taiwan's Micro-Star International (MSI) is also offering a Windows XP version and a Linux version of its low-cost laptop. The Linux version of MSI's Wind mini-laptop, at US$399, is much less expensive than the $499 Windows XP model.

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    good to hear.

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    Nice, I love seeing Linux triumph the PC market. Open-source should start paying off.

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    First dell and now Acer.

    I predict a dark future forM$

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    dell shoulda come out first, like acer is going to move up in the market with this. I doubt this will boost sales of acer laptops...who is going to want to play around in a less supported and free OS..

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    Linux also seems to be the preferred OS for ASUS's EEE series of notebooks.
    XP is also available, but at a premium of about £25 ($50).

    If the stories about universal software installation packs are true this could be the beginning of a real revolution in Linux distribution. Not before time.
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    Very nice explanation Idoleyes.

    I enjoyed reading that very much as a pc watcher for the last 25 years.


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