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Thread: BitTorrent throttling - Looking for testers

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    I am part of the Podmailing team, a software based on BitTorrent. We are organizing a pre-release test of a new solution to bypass BitTorrent throttling, thanks to a hybrid BitTorrent / http protocol.

    If you suffer from BitTorrent traffic shaping from your ISP, we need your help to validate our solution in as many cases as possible and to finalize our implementation.

    Everything is explained here:

    Thank you for your help

    PS: thanks to RealitY for his advice

    Podmailing Zer0-10 is released for real, you can download this official release here.
    You still can give us your feedback.
    Hope you enjoy it .
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    Hi, The version was released a few weeks ago, it bypass perfectly the BitTorrent Protocol throttling made bye some ISP.
    You can discover it here if you want to test it :


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