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Thread: Need Help With A Virus

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    During my e-mail download I get NAV (2000) come up with a message tellling me there's an infected attachment.
    It says:

    Message: LINUX
    Virus: W32.Ganda.A@mm.enc

    When I try to repair it it says it can't as my version may be too old: I have up to date definitions.
    When I try to send it to Symantec, it says it can't as the file is compressed. I cannot de-compress it.
    So I then delete the file.

    When I then try to download my mail again, the virus is re-sent to my mailbox.

    What can I do about this guys?! I'm teraing my hair out!
    Download NAV2003? or another version like the one on the k-lite website for free?


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    not all files can be repaired........... if the virus has twisted itself into the file 2 far its useless................ 4get the file......... if it has a virus in it, just delete it (oh yeah, and hit the 1 who sent it 2 u )
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    I dont even waste my time trying to repair infected files because a lot of times you cant. Unless its something really important I would say just try to delete it.

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    Did you follow directions to update your virus definitions?
    Are you telling us your update subscription is out of date?
    You are not being clear in your statement of your problem.
    You could go to the Symantec site & see if they have a removal tool for Virus: W32.Ganda.A@mm.enc

    Having an AV that is not updated is pretty much useless.
    Same thing applies to OS & not applying critical updates & hot fixes.

    GL. Let us know your progress.


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