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Thread: Need Help With A Virus

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    During my e-mail download I get NAV (2000) come up with a message tellling me there's an infected attachment.
    It says:

    Message: LINUX
    Virus: W32.Ganda.A@mm.enc

    When I try to repair it it says it can't as my version may be too old: I have up to date definitions.
    When I try to send it to Symantec, it says it can't as the file is compressed. I cannot de-compress it.
    So I then delete the file.

    When I then try to download my mail again, the virus is re-sent to my mailbox.

    What can I do about this guys?! I'm teraing my hair out!
    Download NAV2003? or another version like the one on the k-lite website for free?


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    Take a look at this topic. Just what you need.
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    Well not quite.
    My original problem was NAV2000 could not fix or repair the virus.
    I just downloaded this Corporate Version as detailed in the thread by shareholder and updated its definitions.
    Guess what?: It just let the virus containing message and attachment right in to my inbox.
    Luckily I already knew the message contained a virus. But my point is: how good is this NAV Corporate ed. if it didn't even detect the virus.

    Wouldn't downloading NAV2003 be the best option for maximum protection?
    If so can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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    Try this it worked for me wen i had a virus norton doesnt always work for me

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    Yeah that looks cool......apart from having to pay for it.
    Surely I can download NAV2003 for free somewhere?
    Or am i missing something?


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