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Thread: downloading games

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    this probably isn't the right section, but i figured i'd get a quicker answer here.. if i download a game such as crysis or cod4 and i have a valid cd-key, will i be able to play online?

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    Yes, Without one you could too, using hamachi or cracked servers, but with the vast majority of games, the official servers validate your game via the key, so if you have a legit one you will be fine.

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    if its cracked game, you'll have to get updated crack everytime there's a new patch

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    cod4 multiplayer yes, and basically any other smart game with no protection at all on the multiplayer executable.

    crap games that focus on stealing you money instead of giving you fun will not work properply even with the right cd key as you will have to use a cracked version (that might be tagged as cheat....)

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    Some games u dl can u play online with.


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