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Thread: Help with Video Conversion

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    Hey guys.

    I have recently downloaded a nba games from a torrent site. Anyway I downloaded a .mp4 file that was encoded by Raptormage. It is the celtics and cavaliers game 7. It came in two halves.

    What I would like to do is join the two halves together to make the 1 video file, and then to convert it to dvd format, I know I can do this with AVI's and what not, but how do I do it with .mp4 files.

    If able, how can I split the game into the 4 quarters, and burn onto the 1 dvd format files with a dvd menu letting me select which quarter to begin watching at, if this part is to hard just ignore.


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    get Total Video Converter to solve all ur problem associated with videos conversion and burn
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    try nero vison

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    Use Open Video Converter to make mp4 into avi.

    There are many programs, but it's the lighest, therefore easy to dl and delete.

    From then, there are countless options. I recommand using Virtualdubmod to combine and recompress, if necessary.

    It is easy to dl and there are many manuals on the web.

    Then use any dvd ripping program like Nero, DVDIT, or DVDWORKSHOP2. DW2 has better video quality than other two in my opnion.

    There are chapter options for dividing chapters as you wanted, so when you are ripping, divide each section for quarters.
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