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Thread: need a laptop drivers for windows xp

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    one of my friend purchased a new compaq presario c700 series laptop without OS, he installed windows xp SP2, but he is not able to find drivers for it, even in compaq or hp website they have not given the drivers for this presario c700 series laptop, they have only given for windows vista. if anyone knows where can i get drivers for windows xp. help me out

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    what is ur lappy's exact model.??
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    the above link which you given, i already know it. but there i can't get any drivers, like graphics, audio, ethernet, etc...

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    Install Bellarc Advisor or Lavalys Everest and they'll give you specific hardware infiormation so you can find drivers at the manufacturer's site.
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    ok thanks but where can i the bellarc advisor & lavalys everest

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    try this model..

    this link is a bit more accurate...

    I had to do this recently for a friend.. I got everything working with XP using a similar model on the Compaq website. I deleted the restore partition as I had no idea how to use it but yeah what a pain in the arse this is for Compaq owners.
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    I found Driver Magician a great help , if you can get on the net that is .

    @yevgeny is right I had to search for Asus XP drivers for a buddie and found using similar models you can get it running .

    Found a guide here ( Asus Support Forum ) that gives you an idea of the hoops you'll have to go thru .

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    demonoid has a great torrent with thousands of windows xp drivers. Just burn it pop in the cd and it will do all the work for you without you having to spend hours looking for them yourself. I've used it on different computers and found drivers for all of them no problem.


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