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Thread: Thinking about buying a Wii

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    For a while now, I have been contemplating buying a Wii. I have 2 kids, one of gaming age, and I more than dabble myself. I am familiar with the Xbox 360 firmware mod, that lets you back up your games, which is a plus, as I am sure my kids are liable to scratch any disk that gets left around. Obviously, there are other advantages. My question... are there similar mods for the Wii? I work on computers for a living, am a musician who likes to fix his own amps, and I am smart enough to learn... but I don't want to do anything to my wii less I am sure I know what I am doing. There is a lot of crap on the web, so I thought I would post here in an effort to weed through the chaff if you will..

    Any advice appreciated..

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    I'd imagine there'd be, not an expert myself on the Wii since I don't have one but I know there are alot of modchips available for the Wii allowing you to save a bucketload aka not having to buy any games. Once you do get the Wii you should check out a couple of the gaming torrent sites lol and are in a pretty good place to find out which ones they are- from the top of my head Blackcatgames, bitgamer etc.

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    Wiinja is the chip that allows you to play backups...not too difficult to solder if you have experience, from memory its about 3 or 4 wires that need to be soldered.

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    dont think bay it now!!

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    i think xbox 360 it's good enough.

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    There are modchip for the wii and if not already the case, solder less option will certainly be available like it have been for ps2 and xbox 1. If i had a few bucks free, I would certainly get one. Biggest install base and GC compatibility is a nice plus. The homebrew scene is quite vibrant too.
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    The CycloWiz is a soderless option but its description says that you can wire it to the motherboard instead. I don't know anything about modding the Nintendo Wii but I have flashed my 360 and it is very easy to do. Another plus about the Xbox 360 is that it currently dropped to $299.

    The Xbox has the better library of games, IMO. The Wii seems pretty weak to me. Unless you are really into casual games or you don't play a lot then the Wii would be a fine choice. The 360 is coming out with a motion controller similar to the Wii, too.
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    Buy a 360 instead like suggested above. Games are much better on a 360 and it's easy to mod

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    I recommend the 360 as well.

    I never really liked the Wii..

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