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Thread: Movie(divx, Xvid) To Vcd.

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    I know there have been a few posts on here with regard to burnin movies we've dl'd onto vcd or dvd, but, call me complete and utter tosser or whatever you like, I still don't get it.
    I'd like to know how to burn these movies that I have (T3, Hulk, Matrix Reloaded, Agent Cody Banks, X Men 2, Spy Kids 1 and 2, Count of Monte Cristo) onto vcd, and know the procedure for doing so. If anyone has the patience to guide me through what i have to do, I will give then first route into what I have to share, be it from my music or movie collection....

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    this is the only tool you'll ever need...

    there are tutorials and how-to's also!

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    try this

    The Link

    proud to be american

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    Ah yes, Brazilian Google, nothing gets you better than fine tropical search engine
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    Thank you very much guys.... i've tried that tpmg thing, and also dvd2svcd proggies, but i seem to get an error that the file i'm trying to convert isn't supported, perhaps its a dodgy movie file?
    Doom site looks the most straightforward so bigup Jay nice one.

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    You have to fuck with the tmpegenc settings, like changing the DirectShow priority to 1. I can't really remember where that is now, but it's under options and environmental preferences or something like that.

    You also have to encode the movie with the standard VCD settings. Click the load template button and choose "VCD(NTSC)" if you're in the US of A or VCD(PAL) if you're in Europe.

    Good luck.

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    Fantastic! Thank you Alu. I'm well on my way with the encoding of the audio with dvd2svcd, once that's done presumably I have to kick tmpgenc into action... then burn the lot to disk somehow....
    Thanks again for your help people. It's real nice to know you are supportive and willing to help. I'm nearly an idiot when it comes to thinks like this. Still only a novice. If we all help each other we can all get to be professionals..Amen!!


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