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Thread: FOXY! any other asian P2P programs?

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    Anyone ever heard of Foxy? It's a P2P program published in Taiwan.

    You can get it here.

    I was wondering if there were any other asian p2p programs?

    What are share10 and vinny (japanese network)? I saw a post on it and I was trying to look it up, but I can't seem to find anything out about it.
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    Foxy has been around for some time, it's built on Gnutella2 -
    though it doesn't connect to the mainline network, it has an own and independent one.

    The official website is It looked just like any other P2P program's web presence, today it's a portal,
    a format that seems to be popular in asia (even Google has a portal version, for China).

    WiNY is inspired by WinMX which was popular in japan as it was able to handle japanese scripture; WinNY's network structure tries to realize anonymity for the people sharing, it was created by a researcher from the University of Tokyo. His home was raided later, and he was arrested for suspected conspiracy to commit copyright violation.

    Share is the successor of WinNY. It follows the objectives of the latter and has a similar design.
    It works with a distributed store, also trying to allow anonymized sharing.

    Japenese P2P development is active, and so they already have a new system called 'Perfect Dark'.
    It's very similar to Share, but seems to be more advanced than its predecessors, also fitted to latest conditions.

    Another thing I know are those P2PTV applications, there are several and mostly they are from asian countrys.
    But I don't know other P2P systems, I'm especially curious if South Corea might have one?


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