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Thread: Le Mans 24 Hours results !

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    I watched it avrage 15 hours ! This Le Mans was one of the best from all those 75 races...It was so cool and i cannot belive the race is finished...
    GT2 class -The IMSA and Flying lizard Porsches crashed and left the full podium for the fuckin F430
    Hope next year no crashes for Porsche and they will kick every butt !
    LMP2- GREAT!!! 1,2 place Porsche Spyder's

    So i am waiting for the next race at 2009

    Now there you some of the results:

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    Yes saw a pretty big part on sunday. In the LMP2 the dutch team in Porsche had a great race.
    Jos Verstappen was amazing in the rain, almost as fast as the top drivers in the LMP1. If the rain would have been a little longer they had a chance of finishing between the LMP1 cars, wich would have been an awesome result. It was fun to watch. I decided to go there next time


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