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Thread: A Warning

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    Dear FST users,

    Having in mind that many of us are trying out seedboxes services and evaluating their performance, i feel is my duty to inform/warn you about the following seedbox service provider:

    santrex * net

    I too have tried many services in order to find one that best suited my torrent needs.


    these people, which i honestly think is just one guy running the show, offer the worst service i ever paid to get. Their "100mbit" speeds are translated into pathetic 1MB downloads and 600-700kb (at max) uploads. Customer service is almost non-existing and ofcourse when they finally come back to you after a couple of days, they simply mock you. ( i will sort you out, everybody else is happy etc)

    Now, i used torrents from Lvl1 til Lvl6 sites ( u know which sites) which are famous for blazing speeds. Nothing was happening! I ended up making a fool of myself to the site mods since i was not able to even upload a 700mb file back to the sites.

    Funny story; i did manage to get 1MB upload once using a torrent from TPB.....When this occured i got so pissed that i opened a ticket and started giving them a piece of my mind. Two days after i get the answer; "if you are not polite, we can not help you..."

    Anyway, with these guys u can't win and of course money refund is not even mentioned.

    My advice is STAY AWAY from these guys.

    Please spread the word.

    Screenshots from the webui and the "blazing speeds" are available.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks For the warning..

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    nice there are always guinea-pigs willing to try cheap-ass hosting !

    thank you !

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    You should send them a link to this thread and let them know where poor business ethics gets them.
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    The FST group

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    It is simple!!!
    You always get what you're paying for!!!

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    Me and huge99 also wrote reviews, lets get into the irc channel and get a refund. They will try and ignore you but we can try pm me if possible...

    Ben99's review & mine here:


    Review: I signed up because they were one of the cheapest providers with unlimited bandwidth. Well i soon learned that unlimited bandwidth does not help you if the box cannot top 700 kbps up and 3 mb/s down. In reality this box is more like having a 2nd home connection or just a leechbox.

    Recommended: Hell no, stay far away, they also have the worst customer service ever, where they just ignore you when you are in their irc channel.

    Rating: 1/10
    My review:
    1. Santrex

    Review: Signed up for uTorrent in US, got a box in France. Download speeds was complete crap at less than 1mb/s and upload never reaching more than 50kbp/s. Their support "team" is terrible and not afraid to insult their users and make them look like complete idiots. They blame poor speeds on routing and poor trackers. Well, I guess TL, What, RevTT, PTN, and SCC are complete s*** trackers ? My home connection is faster and more reliable than this hosting provider. After complaining about speeds, I was moved to a Torrentflux box. The admin was all over me asking if it was ok and would not leave me alone. Transfers die, slow speeds, and stuck transfers were just a few of the problems.

    Recommended: No, stay away. Their support is a joke, it is virtually non-resistant. Terrible speeds, service, reliability.

    Rating: 1/10

    Stay away from this scam, they are shit.
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    thanks for the waring

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    absolutely terrible is what i think of their service and speeds.

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    far away some paradise!!!
    thanks for the info

    server business scammer, damn they are every where. lmao
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    if anyone nedds to complain, here is the irc link
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