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Thread: Looking for these old cartoons

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    Hi. Has anyone come across any of the following cartoons in rapidshare. It'd be really helpful. Thanks

    Peter Pan and the Pirates
    The Real Ghostbusters
    He Man (Complete)
    Captain Planet
    Gummi Bears

    Or a general rapidshare site with old toons would be great too. I've search warez-bb, forumw and projectw but didn't really find complete seasons.

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    Try a BlogSpot Search..

    There are many RS Blogs..

    Just type something like"Peter Pan and the Pirates RapidShare".

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    I've seen some of X-Men and He-man on iwillsearch4u, but I don't know if they are complete. There's some Captain Planet on rslinks, also.

    I sure hope someone comes with a good site for cartoons, as i'm somewhat of a fan also.

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    I searched through RS blogs and tried rslinks but it's hard to find complete seasons. I'll just stick to torrents for now. Thanks for the help though.


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