Hello everyone,

same rule as always. convince me. if you decide to go with classical way (which is with speedtest/ratio), remember to take all ratio screen shots on your profile pages so that i can see date. without date, all proofs are nothing to me.

for some sites, i might ask you direct links to your profile on certain trackers. make sure that your proofs are easy to read.

as always, all posts that do not follow the rule, will be ignored without any comments.

apology for being a bit strict on this but i wanna give away happily, you know? i'm doing this not only for you guys who have been looking for some invites but also for me too. so, please understand my somewhat strict rules.

these are ones i am totally willing to give away:











besides above, i have more but i am not desperate to give away them. if you want anything below, try HARD to convince me: e.g., give me strong proofs, be creative, etc.

if you wanna give a try to any of these below, DO NOT, I mean, DO NOT, say the name of tracker. if you DO, your post will be automatically ignored.

best of e-learning
best of hd
one of best in trance, not one with double of one alphabet
something has begun
music one that has recently been growing a lot

good luck and enjoy this thread !