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Thread: How does one place .ts in RSS filter (Utorrent)

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    Some douche not once but twice UL BSG in ts format and my filter caught it both times. TS format is some suck ass format that is highly inefficient in terms of quality and size and is will eat your buffer in no time. I have some pretty elaborate filters that keep the rss from dl large formats,packs, etc. but i can't seem to place TS format into my filter without it screwing up shows that have the letters "t"&"s" side by side.

    Please for the love of Bob, tell me what parameters should I add to my filter to keep out those dreaded TS files?
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    Try including any punctuation that contains the 'TS' indication.

    i.e. if the torrent filename contains '.TS.', try adding a filter for *.TS.*


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