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Thread: I Need...

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    Apr 2003
    arrggg i've tried almost every 3d modeller an they r sooo damn hard to use. can any 1 give me a name aof one that is easy to use but professional looking?

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    What modelers have you tried?

    I use Maya for NURBS and Subdivision Surfaces modeling, 3D Studio Max for polygon modelling, and occasionally, Lightwave for polygon modelling (and some subds).

    What type of modelling are you trying to do? (Polys/Nurbs/Subds/Nurbs patch, ...)
    What type of things are you trying model? (organic, toon, architectural, outdoor scenes, ...)
    What modelers have you already tried? (max, maya, lw, xsi, houdini, blender, wings, ...)


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    Of course they are hard to use... They are complicated software. What you think you can just get into the program and be able to make something great immediately?

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    All I can suggest to any aspiring 3d artist, is to pick one program, such as the ones i mentioned in my previous post, and stick with it.

    It may take you a year or more, but you will eventually be able to produce professional looking models. There is not instant way to produce great models, it just doesn't happed, just like you can't pick-up a good pen, and be able to write good books.

    The software is a tool, you have to create the model. As far as that goes, there is a lot to learn, and not just modeling, but texturing, rigging, anitmation, rendering, post-effects, compositing and so on. Being able to create photorealistic stuff is a skill, the software can only do what you tell it to.


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    I would like to add that Poser, Bryce, and other ready-made-3D tools are not modeling tools. yes they are 3D, but the models have already been created, and cannot be modified. They can't be used to create anything but the most trivial images/movies with only rudimentary animation.

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    Mar 2003
    Wouln't it kick ass if the software would let you tell it what to do though

    F88kin menus are rediculously complicated. And buggy.

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    What do you mean by:

    Wouln't it kick ass if the software would let you tell it what to do though
    Thats the purpose of the software in the first place, otherwise we would all be typing the world-space co-ordinates of individual vertices by hand in notepad... Ever looked at the MI file format specification?

    Serisouly though, if there was a way for the software to just read our minds and create that in 3d, I would be out of a job :'(


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    Mar 2003
    I didn't say or mean telepathy at all. Too many buttons just don't do what the name implies or do it poorly, don't allow for simple configuration, etc.
    A good program should allow you to set parameters freely as long as the program is not threatened by it.
    And at the cost of these programs, A whole box full of configuration files and samples, templates, help, how to's, etc, should be included.

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    Could you perhaps give some examples of these buttons, and parameters? I must say, that despite a small occasional deviation in functionality, almost all buttons, sliders, etc. do what they say they do. The problem is simply that theres a lot of information needed to correctly calculate how an object looks (or rather, how an object is).

    For example, a common complaint is that its difficult to get a realistic looking glass/metal/cloth/<insert item here> look. But thats because these items are inherently complicated, i.e. glass needs to have reflections and refractions and other light calculations, and caustics, photon mapping, final gathering, etc. are ways of simulating that look. This information is required to calculate the image. There is simply no other way about it.

    As for the price... the software itself which bears this price, is immensely complicated, and thus requires large research teams, programming teams, design teams, for the various stages. This is by no means a mean feat... unlike most software offerings, these programs drive the film and game industries, which are increasingly demanding. To be honest I am surprised this kind of functionality is available at todays prices.

    Software like 3D Studio Max and Maya can do in a few minutes what took supercomputers weeks to do in terms of effects/dynamics/fluids/kinematics and so on. This is some of the most advanced stuff you can find... and for just about &#036;5000&#33; less than 10 times as much as a MS office&#33;



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