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Thread: Spykids3d

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    I've been trying to DL a decent file of SpyKids 3D, but I keep finding files that are lousy: incomplete (part 2 works but part 1 is blank), one worked but was so bad it was unwatchable and you could hear the creater humming through the entire film....GEEEEEESSSSHHHH. It isn't on verified yet so I was hoping someone could tell me which file I should be looking for. My kids would be forever grateful.

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    u need the glasses to atch it

    i just checked for ya and theres alot man that are real, so wonder whats wrong?

    Smith is a bag of douche,FACT.

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    Well I'll do another search and try again, and I actually DO have a pair of 3D glasses. I just haven't found a complete file that is not corrupted in some way. I downloaded 2 that had really bad sound, one that had serious gapping between the sound and picture, and one that was really fuzzy and had some guy humming through the entire thing. Guess I'll just keep trying. Mom doesn't give up very easily.
    Thanks anyway Guyver

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    OK....This one has me baffled. I found a decent, watchable file and I'm downloading it now. My question is....does anyone know what that annoying pinging noise is? It runs through the entire movie. Does it have anything to do with the movie being 3D? It seems to be on all of the files. HMMMMM Well beggars can't be choosers I guess. I was just wondering if anyone had a clue what it was.


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