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Thread: Need DVD site (BitHQ or others)

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    Basically I'm trying to start a dvd collection.

    I have a site for covers, bought myself a burner, and some blank dvds... all I need is an invite to a private dvd site since the public ones aren't too great at all.

    I did some looking around and found BitHQ but it requires an invite. Or if anyone knows of a better site I would appreciate that.

    Not sure what you require... I can include a speedtest and my UL/DL ratio from demonoid.

    I'm a long time members of these forums just looking for some help.

    Thanks in advance. I would appreciate any response.
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    i`ll pm u details

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    You just missed open signups at BitHQ and TheDVDClub by a day or two =/ I think TheDVDClub was open two days ago, and BitHQ was open yesterday.

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    If you have not gotten BitHQ yet, PM me.
    I could help you with TTi as well, excellent tracker but 99% are in PAL format.
    And if you like classic, rare, independent, and that kind of stuff, Cinematik is very good.


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