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Thread: Seeding Already Downloaded Torrent

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    Well i tried it once and it works but i'm not sure if it's against the rules for private trackers ....... so i downloaded a movie file from TB (torrentbytes) ...maintaining a ratio there is very easy cause of all the seeders after i had seeded it to above 1 ....i deleted it's torrent file ... downloaded the torrent of that movie from TD .... when i added to the torrent client it performed the hash check since the torrent was already downloaded from TB and it was exactly the same torrent with same number of rar files and names it immediately started seeding .......... so from TD i downloaded nothing but seeded back like 500 mb .............

    Logically i think this should be ok cause i'm not sharing some website's torrent on others ......i'm just using a torrent downloaded on my computer to seed to other trackers ........

    So is it ok and if yes the next question is can i seed the same file to 2 different trackers simultaneously .....

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    more than OK. U can seed it boy
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    yes you can seed the same files to more than one tracker at once.

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    thanks guys ... this will really help me maintaing my ratios ........

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    you can seed at both places at once, don't even wait until you reach one at TB. dl the TD torrent file right away

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    Almost every tracker allows this

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    Some bt sites don`t like to see u seeding torrents downloaded from other trackers.

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    ^True dat. Can't generalize with this trick.

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    its allowed and not against rules.

    its very usefule in case of torrents marked as "scene"
    Cos they are excatly same in each tracker.
    so in SCC as there is free leech now for 0day - leech from it and seed on TD or TL and see ur ratio ^^^

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    As mentioned, some allow it and some don't, you will find the smaller the site the more strict they are in not allowing this, you will even get a warning at some places, but the big sites can even promote this activity as it speeds up the distribution to their members.
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