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Thread: Anybody here drooling over E-ink portable readers

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    Mar 2008
    Canadia eh?

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    Like the Cybook Gen 3 or Sony Pr-505

    multi-week battery life
    non backlit paperlike screens
    read ebooks anywhere.

    I'm debating on buying one so I can start tearing through my ebook collection faster.

    The cybook is just too cool!

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    Oh, please...
    Kinda like the Kindle, myself.

    Waiting to see the 2nd gen version, though; the recent price drop from $400US to $359 would seem to indicate it's not too far away.

    One more year, and we'll have a much better idea, I think.
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    I've had the Sony 505 for about 6 months now and love it. Using the SD card that are very cheap I have about 1600 books sorted on them by Author. When I travel, especially internationally, it is nice to be able to tote a large assortment of reading materials with me.
    The 505 has met my expectations to a "T".

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    Drooling, but thats as far as it goes, they are way too expensive atm. When they cost about $150 - $200 for something which can do html, cbz and runs on a fairly open linux base then i'll get one.

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    Canadia eh?

    Got the sony cause the cybook is just too expensive, 335$ out the door, can do html and czb pretty well! with a czb2lrf converter.
    only thing missing is PDF
    I need to find some bigger ebook trackers to supply it now, since my collection is almost all PDF.
    got a few sd cards, going to load to them.
    the cool thing about the sony is that it can use sd and sony sticks at the same time, doubling capacity.
    the jpeg viewing is very well done.

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    JGB: If you haven't already, update your reader software as well as the 505 firmware. Sony's latest update allows for re-flowable PDF (allows all of your PDFs to be reformatted to fit the 505 screen better) which works surprisingly well.

    Also, check out which has a bunch of conversion guides and software.

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    These look interesting, but I can't see myself using one

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    I have the amazon kindle and adore it!!!!

    with having no back light it doesnt hurt my eyes to read for hours on end and for only £116 it is great value for money and you can get loads of books free on the kindle shop too.

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    i want one really badly.

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