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Thread: Modem

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    i have a motorola sm 56 pci fax modem and it's not working with xp right now, i need an expert to tell me how to do it, thank you. Pat

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    Its not working because Windows isn't recognizing it or what?

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    have u updated ur driver 2 an xp drivers 4 ur modem

    coz if its an old modem some of dem r not compatable wit win xp

    dos da modem work on any out the other os like win 98/95???

    give some more info and we will be able 2 give u more percific answers brov

    sppellling is poor sorry

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    FL is rite, most older hardware doesnt work with XP, simply cause the drivers dun work, and the manufactures just want you 2 buy a new one so they dun make drivers 4 XP.......... so if u wanna use ur modem, ull prolly have 2:

    1)put up with the blue screens of death 4 the rest of ur life
    2)make ur PC a dual boot:
    -XP 4 normal use
    -98 4 internetting

    either way, it sucks
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    username: "driver"
    password: "all"

    without the quotes, go there and find a driver for it. Xp isnt always going to recognize every peice of hardware sometimes you have to install it manually. Make sure you uninstall any other drivers you have for that modem before installing a new.

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    is the problem "hanging up as no dial tone was detected"? if this is so then it is probably an issue with the xp driver, some older modems are known to have issues in xp and this is the most common fault. I have worked round this a few times by just installing a windows 2000 driver. i found two drivers at motorola but dont know if yours is a fax modem so have given both links... Goto here>modem1 and heremodem2 hope this helps

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    uhh first this should be in hardwareworld 2nd look go to and download the drievers for your modem and try installing them. and can you give s'more specific info about the modem like model num and i could find you the drivers.


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