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    hey all,

    today i read here about the culinary club on fsc .
    and i think its a pretty great idea . as i love to cook
    most of the time i miss good recipies though
    thats why im always on the hunt for new ones

    a community that combines both torrenting and yummy food sounds like one of the best ideas to me in a long time as they are 2 of my favorite things to do in my feetime.
    besides graffiti

    sure i figured that here on fst its all about getting active and push up your postcount in order to get invited to sites .

    as you can see im barely on my 50th post so i can already hear you screaming : come on guy you need to be more active and such .

    but for me its more about what you say instead of how much you are talking.
    as well i dont care about levels in the torrent community at all.
    and i thought a tracker wich is "high" level would never interest me cause you get the same releases somewhere else anyways .
    normally i just see a site i would like to join when they are special in some way.
    like fsc now.

    anyways i am really interested to get in this culinary club on fsc
    and hope that there is a chance to talk to somebody who could invite me. like an interview

    in my opinion this is the way it should be if you dont have a friend who is in a site you would like to join .

    so hope someone reads this who may think the same way as i do .



    edit : had to lock it cause spam forced staff to deleted the thread . so here it is again v 2.0

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    As posted by an FSC staffer, "DKre8ive1" in your last thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by DKre8ive1
    Like its been said FSC staff only have invites and at the moment I am sorry to say that I don't know you an I have looked over the posts that you have made so far and I'm sorry to say that at the moment it is a no go.

    But that doesn't mean that you wont ever have a chance in the future.

    The FST group


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