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Thread: Where Is Frozen Throne?

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    I searched everywhere for the Expansion for Warcaft3.
    Can someone give a name or somthing that I can use.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    they got some at suprnova

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    They've also got loads of em' on E-Mule!! B)

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    Apr 2003
    : try emule

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    u checked kazaa? thats where i found mine got it realatively fast too

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    games like warcraft you need to buy... i only download single-player games. But i own warcraft 3 & frozen throne. thus i have my own CD key and can play over the net. I havent beaten solo yet on 3 or frozen. I just love net games

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    IRC has frozen throne. You can get the .bin and .cue files from certain channels.


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