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Thread: Who Knows Cakewalk Well

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    ok I have cakewalk 2002 Home studio and everytime I go to play a wav mp3 ect it drops out after 3 seconds! now I think it could possibly be my soundcard becasue maybe its a piece of shit, however cool edit pro it works fine

    any tips??

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    may b you have a corrupt version. did you look on the verifieds?

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    Having same problem - everyother audio editing prog works fine. The sound card can't be an issue - as I have Audigy Platinum - plus the tutorials work fine - it's just when I try to use my own music that I run into problems. Won't record from mic either. Yet it installed no prob. and theirs nothing to indicate that it's a trial.

    Can't sort it out. Any advice would be great - even commisurating would help :


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    I fought with the prog all day - I tried this and finally it worked - I heared audio from songs I had recorded and imported - and I was able to lay down another track using my microphone in.

    This is what I did to get it to work:

    went to top menu , chose Options>Advanced> the in the dialogue box I ticked "[B]always use MME interface. Even when WDM Driver are available.

    I then shut down Sonar - reopened it and viola - sound at last.

    Hope this works for you.

    If I find any other little gems for improved performance I'll let you know.

    Catch ya later



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