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Thread: The Trouble With Gigabyte?

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    Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
    Athlon XP2000+
    1.25 Gig 266DDR ram
    Windows XP Pro (sp1)

    Recently Upgraded(?) from an ECS Mobo and having trouble with buffer transfer speeds only when writing to CDs. The ECS was no bother, with transfer speeds anywhere up to 115x(&#33, but now with the Gigabyte I rarely see transfer speeds above 4000Kb/s (roughly 26.7x) limiting CD writing to 20x. I was warned about Gigabyte boards before but ignored the warnings and went ahead and purchased.
    I've seen this problem mentioned on many forums but never any solutions (I was told that sp1 would solve my problem but it still exists).
    The drive is set up correctly in Device Manager, all the latest firmwares have been downloaded and installed, along with all the latest drivers and software ( Nero6, though Nero5 has the same problems so I don't think it's a software issue).
    A clean install of Windows does not solve this, not even Windows 98SE. oh, and the latest ASPI is installed.

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    not to dismiss your problem or anything, but i wouldn't get rid of a motherboard just cos the burner was stuck at 20X. that's about 4 minutes for an 80 minute disc, versus something like 2 minutes at 40X or faster.

    that isn't a huge difference in burning time, unless you need to burn lots of CDs.

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    Halifax,Nova Scotia Canada
    I had a Gigabyte GA7ZX with my old Duron 1 gig CPU and had no probs at all burning at 48X with an LG 48x24x48+16xDVD combo drive.I only ever had one bad burn with that board (I burned about 150 CD's with it also)
    Gigabyte GA7-VT600 P-L
    Athlon XP2500+ @ 3200+
    512mb OCZ DDR333 (2,3,3,7)
    Samsung SP8004h 80gig harddrive
    Radeon 9200 128 mb
    LG cdrw/dvd drive


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