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Thread: Specific Movie Genre

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    Hey! absolutely love 'time travel' movies but don't know how many there are.
    Does anyone have any movies in mind to suggest? (preferably able to download them)

    I have seen:
    Back the the Future: 1, 2 & 3 (best of all time!)
    butterfly effect 1 & 2
    The Time Machine
    Bill & Ted's 1 & 2
    Time Cop
    Paycheck (not really time travel but he doesn't remember the past 3yrs)
    Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban

    ...cant think of anymore at the mome but if anyone has any good ones please let me know!

    Cheers. Dubs!
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    State of Grace
    The Philadelphia Experiment
    12 Monkeys
    Flight of the Navigator
    Star Trek 4:The Voyage Home
    The Final Countdown

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    oh yeah. frequency was top notch

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    Time Bandits.
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    Only thing I remember is Click(2006)

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    click was good. i saw 'You dont mess with the Zohan' last night. dissapointing in my opinion. it was still funny though.

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    For me Back to the future series and butterfly effect 1 were the top films in this genre

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    Time Cop

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    I'd have to say of the ones listed so far, 12 monkeys is my favorite of these. Although I agree Frequency was a great film.
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    Here is "The List" of time travel shows/movies. My favorite of all time is the 90's t.v. show Land of the Lost


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