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Thread: La Haine - Playback Problem...

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    Hi all

    Have just dl'ed La Haine. Supposed to be a good movie, trouble is it freezes regularly after an hour or so, until the picture seizes up completely towards the very end (sound continues). I have Nimo + KLite codec packs installed, and have also tried different players, WMP 8.x, 9, 6.4, DivxPlaya, BSplayer. No luck .

    If anyone has had similar problems, and found a way to solve them, please let me know.



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    La Heine
    fuck me i forgot about that film.. quite good
    is it the black aqnd white franch film, english subtitles about the lifes of sum kids who live out in the paris gheto's
    i had to watch that as part of my english lit course.

    wen ever i can not get a film to play.. load it into gspot codec and it will tell you which audio/video codecs you will need, then simply get a codec pack with the required info in it.
    seems to work for me

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    Gaz, you're indeed talking about the same movie. It's quite widely available, just make sure you spell the title correctly

    Anyway, tx for the GSpot tip, I didn't know that program and in general it looks useful. Unfortunately, having just downloaded it, and loaded La Haine into it, it tells me I've got 6 compatible video codecs and 4 audio ones. Should be enough. The render function also says it should be OK. But then I try WMP, and again it f***s up...

    PS Apologies for triple posting, I got error messages twice so I tried again. Turns out the error msgs themselves were erroneous. Or something .


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