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Thread: Riaa Most Wanted List

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    we need a list of the riaa's most favorite artists and are most ikely to look for people who have their songs

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    a well
    Mr. Sherman really likes Avril Lavigne so Avril is #1. Well at least for now until a year later when everyone opens their eyes and see she sux.

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    this is also important to guarantee these most wanted files -
    but ALSO HARD TO FIND THINGS are important:

    So If I buy a new CD which hard to find "A thousand Acres" by Richard Hartley
    I share it and hope someone will download it from me to guarantee availability
    with more sources :) Two guys on SoulSeek downloaded it from me :) but
    they did not have put in their shares :( hope they will do soon :) or some time :)

    thanks anyway, david.


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