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Thread: Small Giveaway

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    I have some invites to a few various sites....

    Underground Gamer x5 (Retro Games Tracker)
    Demonoid (Pretty much unlimited)
    Pretome x2 (General Tracker, staffed by former Funfile staff)
    BitSeek x2 (No Ratio Tracker)
    Libble x1 (Music Tracker)
    Bit Refinery x2 (Applications + Games Tracker) x4 (High Definition Tracker)
    T-Shack x4 (General Tracker)

    Please do not PM me unless I have PM'ed you
    Please present 1 Ratio Proof and 1 Speedtest when you ask for an invite
    If selected, I will PM you, asking for your e-mail address

    If you feel that everything was handled in a timely and orderly fashion, and you enjoyed the chance to join one of these sites, then I would appreciate some Rep; although in no way is it required.

    And this is my first giveaway, so please excuse me if there are any mistakes >.<

    EDITED: Added what kind of tracker each was
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