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Thread: Help Instaling Jedi 2 Jedi Outcast

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    i just installed the game jedi 2 which i got from up2dat verifieds and when it was done i unzipped it and put it in folder but when i go to open folder i dont see no .exe in any file name but the file is called jedi2.exe when i go to my shared folder

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    ummm, i need a clearer explanation, 1 thing is try opening the jedi 2.exe file

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    it sounds like a RIP. you need to extract the rest of the files. its been awhile since i installed a RIP, but i think you click on a configuration file to complete the extraction

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    I think I can help, er I mean "Bucky" can help. Look at my post "Help with Jedi Knight II outcast" on Aug 11. Read Bucky's response, it worked for me and I have been happily playing ever since. None of the others responses were worth while.
    Hope this helps.

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    Some peoples answers are totally lame and I don't know why they bother, as you can see from your responses.


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