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Thread: Will There Ever Be Another Classic Horror Series?

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    Does anyone have a clue? Because it seems no movie studios are making an attempt to do that. They are just creating pointless sequels like *cough* Jason X *cough* and Bride of Chucky which I wasn't to fond of, and some other ones like Leprechaun in the hood....I heard it was funny, but it's just all stupid now. Leprechaun turned into a comedian and there is said to be a Leprechaun 6 coming out. I mean the franchise series of the Leprechaun could of been good, but they screwed it all up and it's just going straight to video now. Leprechaun VS Chucky wouldn't be a bad idea. Or maybe Michael Myers takes on someone like Jason or Freddy. Some random ideas.

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    Micheal Myers vs. Leatherface =]

    I think I heard someone bullshitting about a Alien vs. Predator flick

    Leprechaun was the shit, man, now he's a little fag

    PS: House of 1000 Corpses came out on DVD Tuesday. That is the most disturbing movie I've ever seen. Rob Zombie is fucking crazy, but I like it!!!!

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    Its kind of hard to a god horror movie because all the good ideas have been done. Since no one has been able to come up with something fresh and original they just keep dragging up old stories to make some cash. The sad part is that people are silly enough to go see the terrible pictures, so the moviemakers will continue to make these crappy shows

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    Freddy vs jason will be cheesy and just plain bad but I LIKE FREDDY SO POO ON YOU!


    To each his own, man.

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    The best horror out at the mo is coming from Japan...

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    Have you seen the previews for The Remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
    Looks interesting.

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    How about freddy vs jason vs michael vs pinhead(hellraiser. Why not a quartet of hell, wonder what body count would be, well jason always kills past 10


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