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Thread: Looking For A File Recovery Program,

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    Hi guys,

    I had a little stupid accident with my computer and now it happens to be that I have deleted several files. They were movies, mostly. Before I try to download them again on Kazaa, I just want to know if anyone can suggest a good file recovery program for me. Thanks.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    if you have xp try using the system restore stetting, go back. this will allow you to back to a time where your movies were on your pc.



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    if you've done much with your pc since, you probably wont get them back. for future, you could get this

    File: Norton Utilities 2002.exe
    Length: 45893632 Bytes, 44818KB
    UUHash: =YdEFGNb2n7jZZgOMbmNNWkkK5sw=

    it has 'unerase wizard' - norton protected recycle bin, there are others like 'easy recovery' - have a look in the verifieds

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    google> kick me to fosi < look for pirates cove. use the fosi links and look for easy recovery pro. read the .nfo in notepad. if it won&#39;t download, drop your firewall for a second.

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    Yep, easy recovery pro is good.

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    heard CIA unerase is good. havent tried it though

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    although this is an old topic now and this reply may not be relevant to the original poster, EnCase is a very powerful recovery app. takes a bit of getting used to, but it&#39;s the most powerful recovery app i&#39;ve ever used
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