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Thread: Leeware Dedicated server review?

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    Posted in the bittorrent section because I figured maybe someone had tried these out as a seedbox....

    A while ago I had a shitty leeware VPS for 20 bucks a month.... Upload spped never went about 200 kbps and it crashed at least once a week

    Looking through WebHostingTalk I saw that now, apparently, Lee doesn't do VPS's anymore, just dedicated server and for the price they look very appealing....

    Wouldn't use it for a seedbox though... TF2 dedicated server... Has anyone given these 'new' servers a try yet?

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    integral's Avatar No surprises. BT Rep: +4
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    Jun 2008
    Specs seem decent enough, I think the ram/cpu is good if you're just running a tf2 server, although I can't speak from personal experience as I have not tried LeeWare.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    i doubt it

    Server bandwidth is sold @ $0.25 per GB in 25GB blocks.

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    I haven't heard too many good things about LeeWare. But I can't say my own opinion as I have never owned a Leeware server...


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