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Thread: Second and last request of them all!!!

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    Hello again there people of FST!
    As you can see in the title this is my second and last request. Why I am making the request? Well I am not in need of a tracker, but I just want to have it because I heard a lot of great things about it and because now it has open signup's via invites (this is my chance to get one, I think).
    I made my first request a motnh ago I guess, I ask'd for PTN and a friend (now we are very good friends and share our trackers if needed) gave me one and I was very very happy. As you can see in my signature I do not have a lot of trackers, I gave all that I didn't needed away, these are the ones that I really like and in witch I can find everything I want.
    Ok, so now I'm gonna tell you why I want iTS. Well because everybody says great things about it, and because I have heard that it still has many seeders and leechers and the fact that it has freelech and no ratio system is just a great thing. About the content I really don't have to say nothign, everybody knows that it's a good one.
    And that is why I want it, maybe the last one I will ever want (87.98% sure of this ).

    Cheers people and Have a great day!

    P.S.:Sorry if I didn't have time to make some giveaway's, but this month I was really busy with my exams and I still am.
    P.S.:If someone wants to borrow my brazzers account just PM me!
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    good luck mate , you deserve it.

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    good luck m8 (prietene)

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    good luck!

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    close this thread


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