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    Yeah i know this is old news, but I have first find this site today, and I want to share my site with you

    (Followed news from 10. feb 2008)
    Launch of V2!

    As most of you know, has been offline for the past month.
    This was due to several problems, one after another, we constantly ran in to new problems.
    It all started with our old server crashed, and the host tried to recover the data, afterwards the host spend 3 weeks in a task we shouldn't take much longer than 1-2 days to fix.
    Sadly we couldn't recover any data from the old harddrive.

    In the meantime we decided on how to improve the site once we got back up so now, we are ready with a new and improved, V2!

    We've stripped alot of useless functions to make the site run smoother also we made changes to make it look more simple.

    Different classes have been removed, the following classes are what we use now:

    1 Peasant
    2 User
    3 Power User
    4 Super User
    5 Elite User
    6 Uploader
    7 V.I.P.
    8 Moderator
    9 System Operator
    10 Owner

    More improvements will show up, these will be announced when they are ready.
    The site will still be undergoing adjustements, so if you see any bugs, the forum is the place to post.

    If you wish to become an uploader at use the Become an Uploader page.
    We also need FirstLine Supporters, if you think you got some knowledge and would like to share it by becoming an FLS, do not hesitate to send an application to System Operator or Owner.

    Also, if you'd like to join our irc channel, simply use the link to the Chat.'s staff are:

    1 Owners: Laeborg, BillyTheKid.
    2 System Operators: MetalTouch, slemborg.
    3 Moderators: FigoFidel, Dragon.

    What do we have to offer?

    1. A new and improved site, with no disco lights.
    2. A place where you as a user WILL be heard.
    3. Quality instead of Quantity

    So there you have, help us help you make 2008 the year where was reborn, better than ever stay tuned as we will continue to improve the site and functions to make you as a user a happy user.

    So from us to you, we welcome you to a whole new era for
    Welcome back to the old users, and Welcome to the new.

    Regards Staff of

    Laeborg, BillyTheKid, MetalTouch, slemborg, Dragon & FigoFidel.
    We have around 500 open signups back and then the site is invite only (Atm. its only donators who has invites)
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    not another 0day lol

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    far away some paradise!!!
    what's it's gonna be next fap fap. net
    Down-Speed Up-Speed
    Proud 2 Be a Member Of 0sec Tmp3

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    Quote Originally Posted by jam0980tr View Post
    what's it's gonna be next fap fap. net
    already gone!

    This domain is already taken TAKEN Whois
    This domain is already taken TAKEN Whois

    Woo-hoo, I can get, wanna join me in creating a 0day pron site?
    Yes Sir, I'm Right On It!!

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    Well we not tryin' to be the best with pretimes ect, but just to collect a lots of torrents (both scene and non-scene). The tracker has been online for over 2 years and isn't just "another 0day"-tracker.
    Our users means alot to us, and we are made by the people for the people. We are always open for new ideas and suggestions, and we try to think "out of the frame".

    News for June 1. 2008:
    2 Years of FileSharing!

    Due to 2 Years celebration at June 1. staff has chosen to double up your upload from June 1. 12.00 - June 3. 12.00 (GMT+1) besides that, a danish language module has been made, and a Norwegian, Sweedish, German and Romanian is on it's way.
    If you believe you can contribute with one or more of those languages, feel free to contact Staff. If you succed you will be givin V.I.P. status and considered as an Elite member.

    The last few years we have had some problems, but thats all been taking cared of, and the site is running great, alot of new functions is in progress, such as a couple of systems that autodetect hit'n'runs and ratio cheaters.

    Keep an eye on our forum, as soon as the new functions are functional, information is posted. Besides that, Staff would like to remind our users, that we have an IRC channel and we would like to see some more of you there, if it is possible.

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    To be honest I don't think there's anything wrong with someone starting a new tracker, as long as they aren't doing it to try and get themselves memberships into other trackers. If they're honest, dedicated to being an independent, strong community, and not feds (), then all the power to them, and I support them 100%.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    No disco lights? Wtf

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    signed up doesn't look too bad

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    i wonder why the peasant exists, are we in china or smt? it shall be worker or proletariat for that matter at least would be original as far as i know

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