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Thread: Centos seed box help

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    im following NaQ's Complete Setup Guide for Linux Seedboxes (Fedora Core/CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu)

    Im up to the VNC part

    5. Setup VNC Desktop
    Now that we are logged in as a new user. Notice first, where your home folder is located
    $ pwd/home/pirate
    Note: Notice the "$" sign used above. From now on, this means the command is executed under the user account. And "#" is for commands executed under the root account.

    We need to configure fluxbox to run when starting the VNC Desktop:
    $ mkdir .vnc$ nano .vnc/xstartup
    Insert the following into the xstartup file:
    Save and exit.

    Make the xstartup file executable:
    $ chmod +x .vnc/xstartup
    That's all we needed in order to start up our VNC Desktop. Since this is the first time you start vncserver, you'll be asked to enter a new password for access to the VNC Desktop. For simplicity, you can just use the same password for your user account here.

    this is what happens when i enter vncserver :1

    any help would be great

    iv fixed this now plz delete iv still got problems post them in the guides topic
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