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Thread: Seedbox Help - HTTP REPLY 0

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    Hi guys, I am using OVH kimsufi reloaded with linux as OS.

    I have utorrent 1.7.7 running which obviously supports SSL connections. When i try to run torrents with ssl trackers i.e https://sitename:port-number:passkey, I get tracker status of HTTP REPLY 0 and torrent goes red.

    I am using same client at my laptop and these torrents work fine. So is this problem pertains to Linux? How can i work around that problem?

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    emm shouldnt this be under Seedbox Discussion?

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    I wasn't aware of seedbox section. Maybe mod can move it to apt section.

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    MAY BE utorrent can't do SSL when running under WINE. why not try rtorrent or some other client and see if it works?

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    PM'd you.

    ditch wine and use a native client

    like torrentflux

    plus many more


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