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Thread: Help! Update Fedora Core 8

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    Hi, I was following NAQ's guide setting up my FC8 server today and I noticed there's no info on updating a fedora core 8 box. Any advice???

    Edit: This is how FC8 is done (from
    Configuring Yum

    Here's how to configure your yum:

    1. Open a Terminal.
    2. Become root:

    su -
    3. Install the yum-priorities package:

    yum -y install yum-priorities
    4. Fix the yum-priorities configuration, by opening up a file:

    nano /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/priorities.conf
    5. The contents of that file look like:

    enabled = 1

    You need to add the line check_obsoletes = 1 to the bottom of the file, so that it looks like:

    enabled = 1
    check_obsoletes = 1

    And then save the file and close it.
    6. Now, install my yum configuration (Updated 12 Nov 2007), using this command:

    rpm -Uvh
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