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Thread: sata driver to Acer travelmate 7720 ?

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    okay i trying to format my computer from vista to xp, but but i cant...

    when i try to format it says: cant find any harddrives

    so I read up on it and to find out that i needed to chance the, on-chip sata mode from RAID to IDE, in my bios in advance mode but but, their is no option that says where i can chance it.

    so i read up on again, and found out that you could install it by pressing F6 before you install windows xp (boot from cd)

    but then it says: cant find a floppy drive on your machine to load OEM drivers from floppy disk.

    i read that you can integreat the SATA drivers in your xp installation cd using a program called nLite, but but.. i dont have the SATA drivers on a cd, and i cant find it in the internet...

    does somone know where to find a

    does somone know where to find a sata driver to Acer travelmate 7720 ?
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    Try this.

    It's the F6 "makedisk" package, direct from Intel.
    Extract the contents to a folder, then point nLite to this folder to integrate the driver(s).
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