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Thread: BItmetv forums - just plain wrong !

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    haha where do i start . yesterday i got an invite to bitmetv and i decided to check the forums . to be honest i have never seen rude staffs like this before in any tracker . the content is great .. hmm they have some old torrents very well seeded , apart from that all the tv shows can be found in torrentleech
    i had even plans to donate to this tracker but after seeing mr tequila in action i am never gona donate nor gona use their site

    and a note to bitmetv admins (if they happen to read this ) : i feel many people have felt the same way i do about the forums , is that hard to change that crappy attitude and make the users feel more comfortable around the tracker and forums ? who knows , if you change tequila from the staff more people might actually donate to the tracker for the love of the community

    /end . thanks for reading

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    it is mostly everywhere, To quote from a book i dont remember, Power tends to corrupt... so you get the idea, where there is absolute monarchy, there is misery, whether it is the best mod or admin ever.... wont care anymore, luckly me, rapid rocks.....

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    Well, I don't think they have any trouble meeting costs (any beyond) through donation

    Apart from that, I feel the same on the forums sometimes. I tend to only browse them for informative purposes. But it does come down to it being their site and their forums, which means I follow the rules, step lightly, and seed seed seed.

    But you are not alone in your feelings.

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    I must agree this time. BitMeTV forums are as bad as good is the tracker... and as tracker it´s the very best in his kind.

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    it is a known issue that you have to be a real jerk to become staff there.

    they have no intention to be nicer to users as your account there is always on probation and can be disabled any time by the mood of the staff.

    Do not pm me requesting for invites as i have none to spare
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    It was the best of sites.It was the worst of sites.

    And like the book it tends to end with a lot of beheadings.

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    I think you're being a bit harsh .
    You were invited to B****v, but found yourself wanting . You're obviously not a community type . You'e obvously some kind of 1 legged, speckled lezbian type .
    Be honest, your milk is sour . Your trousers are blue, with a yellow stripe, just like Custer didn't 'ave .
    Still, i'd believe you rather than those strident B****v types , any day of the week .

    What he said .

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    The best thing to do, is say fuck to the forums. I do

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    Hmmm... I'd make a great MOD

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    Not all the mods are bad at BitMeTV its just a handful of them who abuse their power.

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