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Thread: Out of the Torrent World for Awhile

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    I have been out of the torrent world for awhile and need to get caught up quick. Let me get straight to the point. How valuable are scc and waffles invites worth nowadays. Could those two alone get you a sct invite? If so I am looking for a trade.

    Thanks for the help.
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    1. Trading isn't good..
    2. For Waffles and SCC you never gonna get FSC, the only people on FSC that have invites are mainly Staff, and do you think they trade? No!
    And to get into FSC, you must be _VERY_ active in allot of forums and commonitys. And if you are active and you make a req, and someone in Staff maybe sees it, you maybe have a liiitle chance to get into FSC.

    So now when you made a thread with trading in it's mind your chance to get inte FSC is so extremley little so don't even bother to try. You just gonna wast your time.

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    Now that you edited the post to say ScT, that's also a no.

    Be happy with SCC.
    o hai

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    Well how about goem for scc and waffles? Is that possible or am I dreaming. And what is PTN please pm.


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