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Thread: Hey Balamm - Do You Have A Timeslip

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    May 2003
    I have a copy of my Timeslip, although it is for 13.186 seconds - yes, I was in the left lane.

    My 1/4 mile Timeslip:
    (I did NOT use my Nitrous on this run)

    The car I did it in:

    30th Anniversary Transam

    Not too bad, really.

    Q: What makes this the 30th Anniversary for Pontiac's TransAm?
    A: Thirty years ago, March 1969, the original T/A made its debut at the Chicago AutoShow. Initial sales of the WS4 Option (TransAm) that year were disappointing, with only eight convertibles assembled. All the orginal T/As were Cameo white with Lucerne Blue Stripes on top of a ramair hood.

    Performance Data
    Acceleration (0-60 mph): 5.3 sec.
    Top Speed: 167mph
    Braking Distance (60-0 mph): 120 ft.
    Roadholding Index: 0.86
    Base Number of Cylinders: 8
    Base Engine Size: 5.7 liters
    Horsepower: 320 hp @ 5200 rpm
    Torque: 345 lbs./ft. @ 4000 rpm


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    Yes and no.
    I'll be in court later this month to try and recover some of my personnal posessions from my ex. I have a few pictures but there are still about 30 photo albums full of my past that are being held hostage. Along with an A&W rootbeer mug collection, Automotive manuals, tool catalogues, clothes, etc.

    That's quite the reaction time. I'm wondering what class/sanctioning body it was though. You usually don't see a .4 second tree in stock or super stock.
    Most I've seen/been at use a .5 reaction time.

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    on a par with impreza wrx, not bad at all, crumbcat

    and nice car too...
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