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Thread: What is PTN?

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    Can someone please pm me the correct site.


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    there really is no need for thsi first of this is the invite section......not the clueless section, then i ask why?

    if you dont have an account, is it relevant? no.

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    I would request an invite or pm someone (Private message). They probably don't want their initials revealed.

    Excuse Me?
    Didn't Think So!

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    first you dont need the url since u are not a member
    second it is down at the moment so even if u had the site it wouldnt be much help
    third why do u even want it

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    chill out guys ,he is just a newbie

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    Hey Bro,Check out the review for PtN..

    That will tell you everything that a non-member should know.

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    Same as yours
    Take it easy, man.
    U'll know it when u SHOULD know it.

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    as Markupmaster suggested, there is a thread describing each tracker with all the relevant info, just have to use the search function or scroll around the site.
    Please do not randomly PM asking for invites as I have none to give out. Have a nice day.

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    God Damn,

    Yeah I am a newbie to the forum and probably posted this question on the wrong thread, but shit ease up. I am not asking for a free FTN account here I am just asking for a private message.

    I have been a loyal
    private torrent user for years now and thought of all people you guys could help me out. Thanks a lot!

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    Guys guys relax.

    Knowing URL is not a big deal. If you are not going to tell him or anyone in that case about a site then no need to post comments like "You don't need to know if you are not a member". It is the human nature to need to know and the right for it. And not just him even I want and will know the URL wheater you guys tell me or him or not.

    Oh and If someone thinks that just because people don't know about a site that RIAA or MPAA won't find out about it. Lol then you are completely mistaken my friends I think you forgot Oink. Private doesn't mean hidden.

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