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Thread: Best Sega Genesis Emulator For Dc?

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    the only one that i know of is Dcgen that i found on plays most games but not in full screen does a genesis emulator for dc exsist that is better then this one?

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    dose this really play dc games
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    no dcgenerator plays genesis games on DC..was just wondering if there are any better emulators out yet as this one is half screen and no sound.

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    go to and download their sega genesis emmulater, its the best i know of

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    i'm looking for emulators that run on dreamcast

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    i take it dcgenerator is the best genesis emulator for dreamcast?

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    nope.. sega's own segagen its the best genesis emulator it was bundled with like 5 classic genesis games... its hard to find because obviously sega made it, but people have hacked it so it can play more than just the 5 games it was supposed to play. search with the terms segagen hack... segagen with (insert some number or roms here) selfboot, etc,etc.... it was on bittorrent a couple weeks ago.. prolly gone now... but it has like almost 100% compatibility, video and sound.


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